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Kitten Rescue

For each snø cät neck warmer purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to kitten rescue. 

The donations go to rotating recipients based on need. See below for some examples of past recipients.

If you want to do more to save the lives of fuzzy little babies, get involved! Check out some of the resources listed below for information about spay and neuter, TNR, and kitten rescue!

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Professional Kitten Rescuer

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer and advocate. She's an inspiration for anybody new to kitten rescue and fostering.


She has an incredible Instagram filled with incredibly cute baby kitties and a website with tons of great resources and info about kitten care and rescue, TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release), and spay and neuter.

She is also the founder of the Orphan Kitten Club, a great kitten rescue nonprofit.

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youngest old cat lady.jpg

Youngest Old Cat Lady

Foster Mama Extroidenaire

Ashley Morrison has tons of experience rescuing and fostering all kinds of furry little babies! She started with dogs then moved on to fostering kittens. She's a great example of how fostering can often rescue the human as much as it rescues the animals. After a tragic loss, she found comfort and joy in having tiny little house panthers to care for.

Check out Ashley's Instagram for adorable kitties, heartwarming stories, and a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.

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Nevada Humane Society

Excellent Open-Admission, No-Kill Shelter

Snø cät founder, Amory, has been fostering kittens through the Nevada Humane Society since 2011. Many foster kittens have assisted in the production and shipping of snø cät neck warmers as pictured above.

"I've found an incredible amount of fulfillment and joy from fostering kittens throughout the years. There are few feelings as rewarding as taking a sick or scared kitten and turning them into a chubby, healthy, friendly cat!" -AH

Check out your local humane society for volunteer and foster opportunities!

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