Face Masks

I wanted to create an affordable mask for you to keep yourself and others safe while in public spaces. During this unprecedented and frightening time, I'm finding solace in doing things that contribute to the overall good of the world and my community, being creative, and doing things that allow me to feel some measure of control over my uncertain life. This is why I've decided to add face masks to the snø cät store. I will admit, it's a little scary to see people walking around the grocery store wearing a mask, so I wanted to make them in fun prints. Let's add some joy to our lives while staying safe at the same time.


I hope you all are staying safe and sane, and I'm truly sending my love to each and every one of you! I would also like to take this moment to send a GIGANTIC thank you to every healthcare and essential worker! We are all endlessly thankful for your selfless actions.

Sewing machine

Neck Warmers

Inspired by the innate love to be warm and cozy, shared by every cat. Brought about by videos of blissfull kittens snuggled up to warm Himalayan sea salt lamps. Made for windy days on the hill and people who want to wear something cooler than the basic, black balaclava sported by every Jerry and their mother alike.


We make unique, rad winter accessories! Wear them skiing, snowboarding, fishing... the list goes on!

All fleece patterns are handpicked and products are produced in small batches, so you know you're getting a unique item.

We do custom! Check out our custom product line for more details. Want something really unique? Drop us a line at our custom order page, and we'll see what we can do.